Monday, 16 October 2017

Graduating and Seventeen

Hellooo its meeee im back!!!!!

Glad to tell everyone (ceh) i was finally graduated!!!! Yuhuuuu kekekkee tapi as form 5 la masih lagi belum berkesempatan memegang segulung ijazah(praying for it in future)

Dan dan doakan spm saya!!!! Less than a month and i realize that i really need doa from everyone!!!! Takuttt oiii siriuss!!!!!

And and also i am officially seventeen wuhuuuuu

Tak tahu la apa yang happy sangat. 😂

Walaupun mereka mereka ini tak baca blog aku still i would love to express my gratitude over the wishes i got sobsob,,,

Thank youuuuu sooooo muchhhhhhh people huwaaaaa

Y am i so emotional (being a girl so hard you know huhu)

Thank you thank you thank you!!! for the warm and sweet wishes you would send to me. Could not be more grateful. Walau tak ra mai tahu my birthday i appreciate those who remembers or accidentally knew 😂(even i wish no one did) kekekeke
I love you! Alsoo thank you my friends dvs la kononnya for spoiling the day with a cake. Now that i think of it you guys should include the candles because i want to tiup lilin so bad hehehe.. no just kidding btw great effort!!!!!!! Love you guys to the bits muahxxxxxx

Last but no least,

Lotssssssssss of love,

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


hello and assalamualaikum! ;)
i was called to write this entry actually huhu
i feel the need to express what i actually felt thus i should be studying right now lol XD

ok so i just got back from school yesterday. this is my second day at home weeeee!!!!

emmm we had such an awakening programme conduct by dr. abd halik also known as pak anjang oh my he was s0 adorable and,,, inspiring!!! huhu i was soooooooooo thankful for all his motivational words, great advices to us, PHOENIX :"))) hhuuhuuhuhu...

i was scared to death considering spm is just around the corner and im still like zerozero zerooooo but seperti pepatah melayu menyesal dahulu pendapatan menyesal kemudian tiada gunanya!!!!!!!!!!! however i believe that its not over until i WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

with this burning desire i got, i will do my very best especially for my second trial. oh Allah, ya Rahman, ya Rahim do ease my study. do ease my friends study. oh Allah help us.

i think thats all from me. to you who read this entry please please please...

doakan kejayaan saya dan kawan kawan saya. doakan kami berjaya dunia akhirat terutamanya kejayaan kami dalam peperiksaan sijil pelajaran malaysia (SPM) 2017.

if theres a will theres a way thank you !

me :)

Thursday, 9 March 2017

rindu rumah

hai dan assalamualaikum

sekarang i ada dekat bilik akses sekolah/ its been over a month i tak balik rumah (wow) feeling besar hehehehhehehe ;p

so, petang tadi ada pertandingan petanque and me myself was one of the player and guess what,,,,,,, we WON!!!!!!! hehehehe, but not my team la :(

hmm tetiba terfikir pasal spm;;;;

haritu, i ada exam, tov and my result dropppppppp down belowww huwaaaa hmm i dont know la i takde la sedih sangat i pun dont know why, but i terfikir la, mampu ke i nak dpt flying colours utk spm,, :(( bukan nak give up ke apa, tapi takut tak mampu :( T_T anyoone, help !

geli lak ber i i  ni muehehehehe hahahahahaahahahahah bosan nya. ramai takde kat sekolah sekarang ni. some pegi indon, some busy with debate, bahas, some balik hmmm feeling sunyi la sangat blerghhh

tak tahu dah nak tulis apa. kita stop sini dulu ok bye, assalamualaikum, i miss home! :'(

Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Year New Me (?)

Hehhehehe lahai tajuk pun,,,

I had been longing to write a story about school activities actually muehhe,,, so hows your 2017 doing??? Mine doingb pretty good i guees?? Kekkekkee,,,

So this year, i was placed in 5 Al KINDI . That was the correct way to spell the name which i mistaken with KHINDI huwaaaaa hhehehe,,, for the first week, i got a small problem to adapt with the environment which i guess everyone did too. But as time pass by, we slowly getting along and i had this thing i called attachment towards my new classmates 💞

In the class, we sat in groups. My deskmates were amazing Najwa, Lovely cheq and Fakh the qt! 😆 and me myself, the beauty 😜

I dont know if this was too early to be written, but still i think i love themmm!!! (Classmates)

I considered myself veryyy Lucky to be one of the Kindi's. The teachers were abracadabraahdhsus hehehhe i did not know how to express it but i love all the teachers!!!! Wohooo and for this year finally, i got to learn bm with cikgu lan!!!! Muhehehehehee,,,,, ;p

The girls of kindi were semua best best termasuklah boys pun. Hehehhe i dont know what to write anymore about my class oh yeah,, our homeroom teacher is Cikgu Fatmawati who was soooo comel and baik oh myyy hehehhe,,,

Ok untuk dorm pulak,, masyaAllah Astaghfirullah fuhhhh dahsyat lahh hehhehehe,,, thanks God i got the best dormates ever!!!! Form five girls of tok raja ri memang bengong bengong belake, dohla bengong gong pulok owoh tapi gitu ah, bab belajor memang sek straight a plus belaka Amin, Amin, Amin.... hhehehee,,,

I think thats all ok goodbye !!! And Happy Chinese New Years and Happy Holiday!!!

#tovverysoon !!!