Sunday, 30 November 2014


hye and assalamualaikum :)
just now nurina tweet me bout my blog haha.. hmmm feel free to visit her? click this<3

okey i just done watching some videos on youtube anddddd i feel dumb n i am so sorry for myself for doing that stupid thing . damn... i still can't get that thing out of my mind. i am not going to reveal what is the stupid thing that i have done. i am so embarassed with myself . ahh pabo me . if i could rewind the time, i will. but i couldn't . :/ i really want to apologize that person and ask ... to forget all the thing and pretend like there's nothing ever happened before . ahh . this f thing really stress out of my mind. ahhh stupid girl. pathetic. what more ? haishhh...

i wish could wake up with AMNESIA . . . :'(
and forget about this little STUPID things
and the memories i CAN NEVER ESCAPE


Thursday, 27 November 2014

late night

aku penat dgn perangai manusia.
aku malas dah nak kesah
semua benda diaorang buat
nak suh aku terasa sentap bagai
go ahead
kutuk selagi boleh
aku manusia biasa
tak sempurna
banyak cela
mana mungkin aku boleh puaskan hati semua
kalau rasa terseksa pendam rasa
ludah je semua
mention terus nama
tak lah aku terseksa nak meneka

hyeeeee everyone :D i cannot sleep la . haha...lets play this game called QA u ask i answer. i am very bored yeahhh . hmmm feel free to visit this link <3 bye ;)

i wish i could dissapear. idk what i feel rn . it not hurting me but ahhhhh i hate feelings //

gambar tu takde kena mengena pun ngan entri n even me dont understand what i am doing right now. berbelit belit aku tulis. ok tepuk tangan skit errr dah bye <3 assalamualaikum ^^

Saturday, 22 November 2014


hye :) the internet is so slow and it's really frustrated i open my blog and the skin look sad. but i'm not thinking of changing it. maybe i'll be doing it next time. i'm not that bored by staying at my room doing nothing but i really need a vacation i guess. hmmm....

i'm thinking of going to kelantan and meet erna there so we can hanging out together as we had planned. that will be great. oh i can imagine that erna will treat me sushi king as i wish. haha... hmmm. i am missing erna n others already:( n i am hungry>>>

how good it could be if they all were beside me right now. sigh. i fall asleep when writing this.. omo~~~~~ maybe i should rest my mind since i've been thinking a lottttt this day .. hmmm bye. good night. sleep well for myself. tata<3


finally , school holiday had come :) i think i'm going to miss all of my friends n i'm thinking of doing nothing but meet them next year because i'm in a mood of avoiding everyone. i already deactived my fb account, ignore all the message i got, reply no to whatsapp message n trying my best to deactived my twitter acc but it's too hard for me to do that, hmmm

i try to improve my english by writing post in english. hehe ;> my english is too bad and i'm not happy for that. i still got confused about past tense and present tense. that is not good :/ correct me if i'm wrong.

i spend my day on WGM all day. i can't even believe myself. hehe.. anyway, i'm really in love with song jae rim personality. he is a guy of my dream :D . i just love the way he express his feelings towards kim so eun. thats kind of cute. ohh, bring me this kind of guy <3 <3
thats enough for now. bye <3

last but not least, i'm in love with this new skin <3.